This contest is open to high school seniors. Sign-up is available at the school. Participants select their own escorts for the contest. Candidates participate in a pageant on Friday, June 14 at 5:00 p.m. New this year, the contest will take place in the Entertainment Tent on the main stage. Admission will be by donation amount of choice to the Anna Civic Association. Candidates are also part of the parade on Saturday, June 15th at 11:30 a.m. 

There is also a Prince and Princess as part of the pageant and those candidates are selected by the Kindergarten teachers. The teachers nominate students who have been outstanding during the year. Those nominations are randomly selected for the final selection. 

2019 Queen Contest Participants:

autumn lampert.jpg

Autumn Lampert

Autumn Lampert daughter of Grant Lampert and Sarah Holobaugh.
Escorted by Sam Harshbarger son of Aaron and April Harshbarger.
Sponsored by Taco Bell. Talent: singing and playing the guitar.

Bailey Althauser.jpg

Bailey Althauser

Bailey Althauser daughter of Kristian and Heather Althauser.
Escorted by Cole Mauer son of Jeff and Karen Mauer.
Sponsored by Rachels cakes. Talent: singing and playing the guitar.

Emily Bertke.jpg

Emily Bertke

Emily Bertke daughter of Todd and Tracy Burkey.
Escorted by Dane Wuebker son of Scott and Brenda Wuebker.
Sponsored by US Bank. Talent: singing.

Liz Michael.jpg

Liz Michael

Liz Michael daughter of Scott and Beth Michael.
Escorted by Eric Peterson, son of Harry and Rhonda Peterson.
Sponsored by Trackside Treats. Talent: playing the piano.

Morgan Meyer.jpg

Morgan Meyer

Morgan Meyer daughter of Greg and Krista Meyer.
Escorted by Evan Poeppelman son of Tom and Laura Poeppelman.
Sponsored by Wells Brothers. Talent: playing the piano.

Kiris Fox.jpg

Kiris Fox

Kiris Fox daughter of Shawn and Claudia Fox.
Escorted by Derek Wolters son Dennis and Kellee Wolters.
Sponsored by Eikenberry Retirement Planning. Talent: singing and dancing.

Macy Wiktorowski.jpg

Macy Wiktorowski

Macy Wiktorowski daughter of Don and Denise Wiktorowski.
Escorted by Riley Huelskamp son of Chad and Tonya Huelskamp.
Sponsored by Sidney Flower Shop. Talent: painting.

Prince: Ethan Berger son of  Chris and Leslie Berger.

Princess: Ashton Hewitt daughter of Josh and Tara Hewitt.